Wicked-Witch Software

Wicked Witch Software is set up in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne Australia. Founded in 2001, Wicked Witch designs and works on original game concepts while developing games under contract for other developers and publishers. Acquiring talented people, Wicked Witch has successfully created its own development pipelines and environment using all the latest PC and game console technology.

A strong love of game development inspires a strong work ethic and positive mindset within the company. All members of staff are highly professional, responsible and friendly, which allows us to focus on delivering each project to the highest standard.

'Wicked Witch Software is a development studio creating fresh and exciting games for the world market. Wicked Witch Software dedicates itself to creating the best game experiences for the players by embracing and contributing to the art form.'

To continue to fund and create exciting original games and release them into the international marketplace.

To continually attract and build relationships with business partners to establish ongoing development contracts.

To continue to strengthen management and development teams in skills and resources for increased quality and productivity.

To establish company position and reputation as an exciting game development studio that competently manages strong talent to create quality products.

Over the years, Wicked Witch has been building up a filing cabinet full of game designs and game concept overview documents. These game designs cover many game genres and original content, many of these game designs can be easily adapted to fit a license.